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I first heard about EM® (Effective Microorganism) in 2014.  A Japanese film director Mr. Tetsu Shiratori talked about his new documentary film which introduced the effects of beneficial microbes. According to him they help purify water and can reduce the levels of radiation.


I was amazed to hear about EM® technology and wanted to know more, so I read Mr Teruo Higa’s (founder of EM®) book. Then I found out it was initially used in agriculture but subsequently was also used for animal husbandry, water and waste treatment, odour control  and domestic/industrial cleaning in many countries.


There are many sources of information about EM® technology but I wanted to see the practical application of these techniques so I visited several countries in the last two years.



I also wanted to find out for my self if this product is as beneficial as it has been described in every day use. Accordingly I started to use EM® for house cleaning, kitchen waste recycling, gardening, pet care etc.


The house cleaning got easier over a period of time because of the simple methods involved. 

My ambition to transform my barren yard into a productive vegetable garden became possible with the use of Bokashi compost and EM®.


It is fantastic that only one product could deal with so many household tasks. The more I use EM® more I love it!

This makes me want to share this economical and high quality product with many people who are looking for an environmentally friendly, allergy free, non-toxic product for their house and garden.

How EM® changed my life!