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EM® is coined form the words “Effective Microorganisms” which was originally developed in Japan by Professer Teruo Higa 35 years ago and is now a Global technology with an enormous following around the world. 

Some of the uses of EM® are agriculture, waste treatment, water pollution control, domestic/industrial cleaning and odour prevention. All these uses of EM® help to avoid use of harsh chemicals and prevent damage to the environment.

One of the strengths of EM® is that it is a diverse combination of microbes, and this gives it versatility in terms of the wide scope of applications that it can be used on.

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 Lactic Acid Bacteria 

   decompose organic matter by fermentation and the barrier of LAB keeps harmful    microbes away.



   decompose organic matter by fermentation and produce the bioactive

   substances such as hormones and enzymes.


 Phototrophic (Photosynthetic) Bacteria 

   decompose harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and change

   them into odorless gases.

EM-1® is a liquid containing many co-existing beneficial microorganisms which are thoroughly safe for human, animals and plants.

What is activated EM®

To propagate EM-1®  start by mixing it with molasses, water and salt. Using this method 1 litre of EM-1® can be made into more than 20 litres of activated EM®


In EM-1®  applications, increasing the density of beneficial microbial populations in  various environments, is important to maximise the benefits of EM-1®

Activated EM-1®  can be used in the same way as the original EM-1®  so it is much more economical to use in this form.

What is EM® bokashi

EM® Bokashi is fermented organic matter made from EM-1®, molasses, water and rice or wheat bran.


The EM® Bokashi will ferment the food waste, preventing it from rotting, and therefore eliminate odor or the attraction to flies.

It is used primarily in EM® bokashi composting which is a fermentation anaerobic process and used for a general soil improvement.


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The articles were from Kenko Seikatsu Sengen Vol 25,26


What is EM® bokashi

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