Let’s grow

Let’s grow nutritious healthy vegetables and vivid abundant flowers with EM®.

​Gardening with EM® helps to build up the soil without using chemical fertilizer and also helps plants resist pests.

  *EM® and EM-1® are registered trademarks of EM Research Organization, Inc.

How to Use

EM-1® can be used straight from the bottle, or it can be activated first (activated EM®).

To improve soil, bury fermented waste and EM® bokashi or any other organic matter.

Seed germination,

a 1:1000 EM-1® or activated EM® 

Watering 9ml of EM-1® or

activated EM® per 9L watering can.

More detail contained in special article from Kenkoseikatsusengen 26


  • EM® improves seed germination and plant health.

  • EM® encourages plant nutrient uptake.

  • EM® speeds up composting process. 

  • EM® improves the quality of the soil in your garden.