Let’s house cleaning with EM®

People today are increasingly aware that using strong chemicals for cleaning is at best a short-term solution and at worst means using toxic products which kill both good and harmful bacteria.

​EM-1® is a natural probiotic solution which cleans and boosts the good bacteria at the same time without any harmful side effects.

  *EM® and EM-1® are registered trademarks of EM Research Organization, Inc.

How to Use

EM-1® can be used straight from the bottle, or it can be activated first (activated EM®).

Fill a 500ml manual spray bottle

with water add 5ml of EM-1® or

​activated EM® to the bottle and shake.

   (use up within 24 hours

This diluted solution can be sprayed onto hard surfaces and wiped off with a microfibre cloth.

A stronger solution is recommended for heavily soiled or greasy items and a period of soaking is advisable.

For cleaning floors, add 10ml EM® per litre of water then mop.

More detail contained in special article from Kenkoseikatsusengen 25


Kitchens / Toilets / Bath / Showers

Tables & Chairs / Leather chairs and Sofas

Hard floors / Window and Mirrors

Bed side dressers and Wardrobes 


  • EM® can simplify the process of cleaning a house by using one product instead of several.

  • Enzymes and organic acids produced by EM® helps with the process of  cleaning and also remove unpleasant  smells.

  • Because of it’s anti-static properties EM® can stop the build up of dust.

  • By using EM®, we can reduce the use of chemical detergents which are harmful to our health and the environment.

  • EM® is of particular value to those who have allergic reactions to chemicals.


Yuko Snowdon

I am very happy to use EM for cleaning.especially because I can use it with my daughter safely because it has no chemicals.So I am no longer need to buy chemical cleaners anymore.

EM makes house clean and shiny and is great for the environment.