Let’s take care of your pets with EM®

EM-1® is a natural probiotic solution which provides alternative for washing pets particularly if they react badly to the chemicals used in commercial shampoo. 


  *EM® and EM-1® are registered trademarks of EM Research Organization, Inc.

How to Use

EM-1® can be used straight from the bottle, or it can be activated first (activated EM®).

   Fill a 500ml manual spray bottle

   with water add 5ml of EM-1® or

​   activated EM® to the bottle and shake.

   (use up within 24 hours

This diluted solution can be sprayed directly onto the pet and also their bedding. 

It can also be sprayed onto the litter tray in bird cages.

To wash dog

Add 1/50~100 EM-1® or

​activated EM® to a warm

water bath.

Put the dog into the bath then pour water and massage into the hair. 

Because there is

no residue, rinsing is   unnecessary.


  • It is easy to use and a low cost alternative.

  • Reduces pet smell and helps to prevent dermatitis or dry skin.

  • No need for rinsing after wash.

  • Avoids harmful chemicals which may affect their health.

Option/ How to use poo bucket

Composting pets' waste with the Poo Bucket system has the potential to reduce tonnes of plastic bags full of waste ending up in landfill, while at the same time returning carbon and nutrients to the soil.

1. Dig a hole the depth of the bucket in your garden.

2. Put the Dog Poo Bucket in the hole.

3. Start putting your dog poo in the bucket.

 4. Sprinkle a handful of 

Bokashi mix over the poo.

5. Close the lid. 

6. Once bucket is full, pull the bucket out, add soil on top of the dog poo and compact the soil.

7. Repeat the process in another spot. 


Luke Peachey (Embleton)

My dog had some issues with fleas and I found that some of the commercial flea shampoos irritated her skin. Once I tried washing her with activated EM and fleas and eggs were removed. I also found that her skin did not get sore and she had a pleasant odour.

Naoko Pride

I’m a huge dog lover, and of course I treat my dog as a family member, just like my son.

My dog is allowed to walk around everywhere in the house unlimited, so I need to clean the floor everyday, because my dog leaves foot prints everywhere in the house after his long walk and exploring in the bush.


One day, I found my dog licking his paws constantly, he seemed very uncomfortable with them. He had irritated red skin between his pads. 

I thought he must had some nasty infection or disease, so I took him to the vet, but couldn’t find the specific answers what was the cause of. The vet gave him some antibiotic tablets for control itching, but tablets didn’t fix the problem.

I was so worried and I wiped his paws with disinfectant body wipe every time after his walk.

I cleaned the floors with very strong disinfectant detergent that kills germs 99.9%.  I was trying to protect him from germs!


In the mean time, I was chatting with my friend and she told me about EM. I never heard about EM before, so I was so curious about it.

I searched about EM on the net, and started learning about the life with EM. It was awakening to me, because I never thought about living with good bacteria, and I started becoming conscious of  harmonised living with effective microorganisms.

I realised I might have made his paw irritation worse, probably I killed his good bacteria on his skin which should protect and makes his skin good valanced.

It is very scary thing that using strong chemical on the floor, that means my dog walks on the chemical with his paws 24/7, and also he licks his paws means he takes the chemical into his body system,,,

I stopped using strong chemical and started using EM for cleaning floors, and guess what? His irritated skin started healing! And soon he got back his healthy skin again!

Not only cleaning floors, but I spray him with EM then I give him good brushing. EM makes his fur soft and fluffy. EM also works very well as deodorizer too.

EM is a natural product, so it is safe to use for dogs even if EM spray gets in dogs eyes or mouth.

EM’s natural scent does not irritate the dog’s sensitive nose.

It is all good for dogs and the cost of EM is very reasonable too. I highly recommend EM to dog owners.


The meeting with EM was like my eye-opening event. I got rid of scary chemicals from my home and started living with effective microorganisms. 

I use EM for almost everything for home, cleaning, washing, cooking, gardening and pet care.

EM is a life changing experience, and gives us the true meaning of wellness.